Garden Grove Garage Door Openers

Garden Grove Garage Door Openers

We can replace any old garage door opener. Do you want a quieter unit? Call for details.

We can replace any old garage door opener. Do you want a quieter unit? Call for details.

Do you need a new garage door opener in the Garden Grove, California area? We are professional garage door repair experts who specialize in garage door openers. We offer all different types of openers including chain driven, belt driven, and screw driven. Call now for a free estimate.

“The doctor must have put my pacemaker in wrong. Every time my husband kisses me, the garage door goes up,” quipped Minnie Pearl. Though humorous as a joke, a garage door that does not operate correctly is no laughing matter in real life. For that reason every homeowner needs a reliable professional garage door company they can call upon–one that is skilled in all types of opener installation and repairs and maintenance.

All Opener Models Installed

There are five different types of openers available today. Some types are old standards that have been around for many decades, while the other types are new innovations developed in the last few years. The following is an overview of the six types.

Chain-Driven models-One of the old standards, this model opens the door with what looks like a long bicycle chain powered by an electric motor suspended from the garage’s ceiling. These are very durable but can be noisy in the rest of the home, especially if the opener is installed in a basement garage.

Belt-Driven models-These openers are similar to the chain-driven type except the chain is replaced by a belt. These are quieter openers but more costly.

Screw-Driven models-In place of a belt or chain, these openers lift the garage door by the motor rotating a long threaded shaft which moves the lift system up or down. This model has fewer moving parts and experts claim it requires less maintenance that the previous two models. Another advantage is speed as it raises a garage door approximately 40% faster than the first two types. Noise and sensitivity to extreme weather changes are the disadvantages of screw-driven openers.

Get your garage door opener back in working order by calling State Garage Doors in Garden Grove CA

Get your garage door opener back in working order by calling State Garage Doors in Garden Grove CA

Jackshaft models–One of the new type of openers, this model is mounted on the wall beside the garage door. Its motor turns the torsion bar through a cable and pulley system which lifts the door. The advantages of this model is its reliability and the mounting location–since it is on the wall, it is ideal for garages with low ceilings. The disadvantage is price–it costs more than other types.

Direct-drive models–This opener has a motor that moves along a stationary rail that is suspended from the ceiling. The motor is connected to the door. It is manufactured in Germany and is comparable in price to other types. Its advantage is its quiet operation.

DC powered openers–These openers are powered by DC motors instead of AC motors. There are several advantages to DC motorized openers. They are quieter, smoother in operation, and can still operate for up to two days if there is a power outage.

All Types Of Repair

Being a full-service garage door company means all types of repair services are available. Whether the homeowner needs a motor unit repaired, a broken torsion spring replaced or a damaged door replaced, no job is beyond our experience and expertise.

All Types of Maintenance

As the largest moving object in the normal U.S. home, there are some regular maintenance needs of today’s modern garage door. We can provide all such needed maintenance such as lubricating hinges and tracks, tightening bolts, checking safety components and more.

As a professional, 24/7, full-service garage door repair company, installation of all these various models are available to the homeowner. Repairs, maintenance, and emergency response services are also available.